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Raider  n.  One who engages in a raid. (U.S.)

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Raider" Quotes from Famous Books

... sufficiently amusing pitch of indignation, and having hinted his moral that the subjugation of Miss Le Mesurier would be effected only by the raider, Fielding complacently dismissed him and repaired to Beaufort Gardens for lunch. He found Drake upon the doorstep with a hand upon the knocker, and the ...
— The Philanderers • A.E.W. Mason

... methods. A, having outnumbered and overwhelmed B, hovers, a thousand airships strong, over his capital, threatening to bombard it unless B submits. B replies by wireless telegraphy that he is now in the act of bombarding the chief manufacturing city of A by means of three raider airships. A denounces B's raiders as pirates and so forth, bombards B's capital, and sets off to hunt down B's airships, while B, in a state of passionate emotion and heroic unconquerableness, sets to work amidst his ruins, making fresh airships and explosives for the benefit of A. The war became ...
— The War in the Air • Herbert George Wells

... the people wondered why nothing was heard of the raider, or of the stolen knife or the other plunder, but nobody was able to throw any light on that matter. Nearly a week had drifted by, and still the ...
— Innocents abroad • Mark Twain

... water in the shady place of the leaves which grow, which are stripped off in the middle of the place of betel-nuts, which bear fruit which anyone gathers. I come to drink with you the water which looks like oil," said Tolagan. "If you are the old raider cut me only once so that I have less to heal," (she said). "No, I am not the old raider, for I live in Baliwanan and I go to the south to Pangasinan." "Do not continue the journey, for you have a bad sign. The birds skimmed past in ...
— Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore • Fay-Cooper Cole

... rode with the savage raider. He fought with a savage abandon, and a vicious cruelty fully equal to that of his fellow desperadoes. Achmet Zek watched his recruit with eagle eye, and with a growing satisfaction which finally found expression ...
— Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar • Edgar Rice Burroughs

... once more within reach if not of the invader at least of the raider. The Federal forces had been concentrated in Grant's lines along the James, and General Jubal Early, one of the most energetic fighters of the Southern army, tempted by the apparently unprotected condition of the capital, dashed across the Potomac on a raid that became ...
— Abraham Lincoln • George Haven Putnam

... herd ... to the west." Nolan evaluated the scene with the eyes of an experienced raider. "Tsoay, ...
— The Defiant Agents • Andre Alice Norton

... beheld, to their unspeakable dismay, the consummate skill with which the cattle were roused and driven off. Away they went with reckless precipitance, the cattle obeying the master hand of the celebrated raider with an implicitness which seemed to indicate a strange sympathy between man and beast. The great golden chestnut raced backwards and forwards like some well-trained greyhound, heading the leading beasts into the desired direction without effort or apparent guidance. It was a grand display ...
— The Story of the Foss River Ranch • Ridgwell Cullum

... created among the prisoners on the twenty-fifth of the month on account of a visit made to "Libby" by the famous raider, General John Morgan, whom Glazier describes as a "large, fine-looking officer, wearing a full beard and a rebel uniform, trimmed with the usual amount of gold braid;" but something far more interesting than the visit of any ...
— Sword and Pen - Ventures and Adventures of Willard Glazier • John Algernon Owens

... he crawled after the dragging footsteps and the gasps of the invisible raider, following them through the vast dimness of the ...
— Raiders Invisible • Desmond Winter Hall

... was thus left without a German naval base; but one of its vessels was to show that there was still a career for a raider, and the others were to demonstrate the paradox that neutral ports might be more useful than bases of their own, inasmuch as they could not be treated like Tsingtau. On fleeing from the Japanese menace Von Spee had steamed eastwards across the Pacific, but ...
— A Short History of the Great War • A.F. Pollard

... how his soul had caught the music of the spheres. He would surround himself with an atmosphere of his own. His rage, his love, and his malignant hate, his tenderness and his lust should fill the barber's shop with a flood which would drown the Gorgio raider. He laughed to himself, almost unconsciously. Then suddenly he leaned his cheek to the instrument and drew the bow across the strings with a savage softness. The old cottonfield fiddle cried out with a thrilling, exquisite pain, but muffled, as a hand at the lips turns ...
— The Judgment House • Gilbert Parker

... raider, telling how he did not "come back" as a conquering hero; of the sword he never received; of his capture, etc.—The arrest and conviction of ...
— Between the Lines - Secret Service Stories Told Fifty Years After • Henry Bascom Smith

... tomfoolery," the captain acknowledged. "Robins is accused of having received a Marconigram of which he took no note, and which he handed to a passenger. He is also accused of attempting to communicate with an enemy raider." ...
— The Box with Broken Seals • E. Phillips Oppenheim

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