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Pigmentation  n.  (Physiol.) A deposition, esp. an excessive deposition, of coloring matter; as, pigmentation of the liver.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Pigmentation" Quotes from Famous Books

... alive? Adeline! Why Miss Maud," (addressing Mrs. Eisele, for whom she works—and who sat nearby to help in the interview) "Miss Maude, I tell you Adeline's WHITE, she's white clean through!" (see interview with Adeline Blakeley, who incidentally is as black as "the ace of spades"—in pigmentation.) "Miss Maude, you never knew anybody like Adeline. She bossed those children and made them mind—just like they was hers. She took good care of them." (Turning to the interviewer) "You know how the Hudgins always was about their children. ...
— Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States - Volume II. Arkansas Narratives. Part I • Work Projects Administration

... the dermatologist the most common met with is that produced by the various animal parasites and from continued scratching; in such, if the cause has been long-continued and persistent, a variable degree of inflammatory thickening of the skin and pigmentation result, the latter not infrequently being more or less permanent. The inflammation due to tight-fitting garments, bandages, to constant pressure (as bed-sores), etc., also illustrates ...
— Essentials of Diseases of the Skin • Henry Weightman Stelwagon

... the additional factor. Are we, for example, to regard the black Andalusian as a splashed white to which has been added a double dose of a colour-intensifying factor, or are we to consider the white splashed bird as a black which is unable to show its true pigmentation owing to the possession of some inhibiting factor which prevents the manifestation of the black. Either interpretation fits the facts equally well, {72} and until further experiments have been devised ...
— Mendelism - Third Edition • Reginald Crundall Punnett

... but by no means in all, this form of ulcer is associated with the presence of varicose veins, and in such cases it is spoken of as the varicose ulcer (Fig. 14). The presence of varicose veins is frequently associated with a diffuse brownish or bluish pigmentation of the skin of the lower third of the leg, or with an obstinate form of dermatitis (varicose eczema), and the scratching or rubbing of the part is liable to cause a breach of the surface and permit of infection which leads to ulceration. Varicose ulcers may also originate from the bursting ...
— Manual of Surgery - Volume First: General Surgery. Sixth Edition. • Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles

... outside Europe can hardly imagine the intensity of the colour prejudice that white men develop when brought into contact with any different pigmentation. I have seen Chinese of the highest education, men as cultured as (say) Dean Inge, treated by greasy white men as if they were dirt, in a way in which, at home, no Duke would venture to treat a crossing-sweeper. The Japanese are ...
— The Problem of China • Bertrand Russell

... remembered his advent among the islands a score of years before, at which time the yellow mustache was already budding silkily on his lip. Unlike other white men in the tropics, he was there because he liked it. His protective skin pigmentation was excellent. He had been born to the sun. One he was in ten thousand in the matter of sun-resistance. The invisible and high-velocity light waves failed to bore into him. Other white men were pervious. The sun drove through their skins, ripping and smashing tissues and nerves, till they ...
— A Son Of The Sun • Jack London

... increase of intra-ocular tension to justify their mention in a discussion on glaucoma. A patient, then aged 21, suffered three years ago from a scotoma almost central; and was first seen six months after that with a macular choroidal atrophy and abnormal pigmentation. She suffered, we afterwards concluded, from choroidal tuberculosis. A recurrence involving adjoining choroid occurred fourteen months ago. There was at the start pain, slight dilatation of the pupil, and slight general hyperemia of the globe. The tension of the eyeball rose to ...
— Glaucoma - A Symposium Presented at a Meeting of the Chicago - Ophthalmological Society, November 17, 1913 • Various

... flush of educated or uneducated. There is the notion, which I believed for a long time, that blushing occurs among educated people and is especially rare among peasants, but that does not seem to be true. Working people, especially those who are out in the open a good deal, have a tougher pigmentation and a browner skin, so that their flush is less obvious. But it occurs as often and under the same conditions as among others. It might be said for the same reason that Gypsies never blush; and of course, that the blush may be rarer among people lacking in shame and a ...
— Robin Hood • J. Walker McSpadden

... shows an even greater range of variation,[6] yet there can be no doubt of its fundamental unity as a Mendelian character, each grade of which is allelomorphic to every other grade and to normal pigmentation. ...
— The Journal of Abnormal Psychology - Volume 10

... and rare, too. Allow me to look closely at that discoloration once more for a moment. Cutis cenea, bronze skin, they call it sometimes—extraordinary pigmentation—a little more to the light, if you please—ah! now I get the bronze coloring admirably, beautifully! Would you have any objection to showing your case to the Societies of Medical Improvement ...
— The Poet at the Breakfast Table • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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