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opposer  n.  One who opposes; an opponent; an antagonist; an adversary.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Opposer" Quotes from Famous Books

... zealous opposer of the Aqua-arian heresy, A steady devourer of beef-steaks, A stanch and devout advocate for spiced bishop, A firm friend to Bill Holland's double X, and An active disseminator of the bottle, He was ...
— The English Spy • Bernard Blackmantle

... come out as a reformer. Well, Bert, dear, you have taken the first step in the most thankless and trying of all careers, and yet I would not discourage you for the world. I would a thousand times rather have you a reformer than an opposer of reforms. I wonder what work God has ...
— Bert Lloyd's Boyhood - A Story from Nova Scotia • J. McDonald Oxley

... history of the downfall of imperial Rome, in order to give opportunity for the scenes of the drama yet to follow. The "man of sin" could not be fully revealed in all his terrible features until this hindrance was removed out of the way. Imperial Rome for three centuries stood as the great opposer of God's people and slaughtered thousands, perhaps millions, of the Lord's innocent servants, and the hand of retributive Justice was finally extended to humble her to the dust. Singularly, the persons whom ...
— The Revelation Explained • F. Smith

... him with a grand reproach in his brilliant eyes.. "Already stepping backward on the road! ... already rushing once again into the darkness! ..." He paused, then laying one hand on the young man's shoulder, continued in mild yet impressive accents: "My friend, remember that the doubter and opposer of God, is also the doubter and opposer of his own well-being. Let this unnatural and useless combat of Human Reason, against Divine Instinct cease within you—you, who as a poet are bound to EQUALIZE your nature that it may the more harmoniously ...
— Ardath - The Story of a Dead Self • Marie Corelli

... shoulders. That shrug meant a great deal, accomplished a great deal. It was nearly certain to silence a timid opposer; there was something so expressively sarcastic about it; it hid so much one felt sure Col. Baker might say if he deemed it prudent or worth while. It had often silenced Flossy into a conscious little laugh. To-night she was in earnest; she paid no attention to the shrug, ...
— The Chautauqua Girls At Home • Pansy, AKA Isabella M. Alden

... lungs. There is not only no need of this, but, on the contrary, a good supply of pure air would make the daily prayer-meeting far more enjoyable. The body, if allowed the slightest degree of fair play, so far from being a contumacious infidel and opposer, becomes a very fair Christian helper, and, instead of throttling the soul, gives it wings to ...
— Household Papers and Stories • Harriet Beecher Stowe

... principle such[115] as may give rise to a solution;' (Why should not evident principles be found mingled with obscure and confused knowledge?) 'and consequently the objections that reason has made will remain unanswered;' (By no means; the difficulty is rather on the side of the opposer. It is for him to seek an evident principle such as may give rise to some objection; and the more obscure the subject, the more trouble he will have in finding such a principle. Moreover, when he has found it he will have still more trouble in demonstrating an opposition between ...
— Theodicy - Essays on the Goodness of God, the Freedom of Man and the Origin of Evil • G. W. Leibniz

... of England, one of the most learned and eloquent Baptist ministers of the age, was an unflinching opposer of the practice of "close communion," which he denounced as "unchristian and unnatural." In a tract written in defence of his views on this subject, he remarks, "It is too much to expect an enlightened public will ...
— The Book of Religions • John Hayward

... H. ASQUITH, Opposer (Collegers), said that the speech of the hon. Proposer was a tissue of fabrications, as ineffective as they were insincere. Never in the whole course of his career had he encountered a subterfuge so transparent, a calumny so shameless as the attempt of the Hon. Prop., he might say the calculated ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 159, November 24, 1920 • Various

... engineers, and eighteen pieces of cannon, besides incalculable quantities of arms and munitions of war. The expedition numbered fifteen thousand men, and was commanded in chief by the famous soldier, General Don Pablo Morillo, the guerilla champion, the opposer of the French. ...
— Atlantic Monthly Vol. 3, No. 16, February, 1859 • Various

... acknowledged power! And when we met at the Church of the Puritans last week, we found Woman's Rights filling its halls and galleries as never before; with a Beecher and a Tilton to defend our cause, but not one sneerer or opposer to open his or her lips. Who now will dare call us 'infidels,' since Bishop Simpson, Henry Ward Beecher, and Dr. Tyng champion our cause, and proclaim it 'woman's duty to vote for the good of humanity'? Who will now dare sneer while the leading minds of Europe—among them ...
— History of Woman Suffrage, Volume II • Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Matilda Joslyn Gage

... Darius growled again. And he leaned forward and picked up the poker, not as a menace, but because he too was nervous. As an opposer of his son he had never had quite the same confidence in himself since Edwin's historic fury at being suspected of theft, though apparently their relations had resumed the old basis ...
— Clayhanger • Arnold Bennett

... fresh-tarred craft, 'gainst every opposer Close by the sea-shore, till the curved-necked bark shall Waft back again the well-beloved hero 40 O'er the way of ...
— Beowulf - An Anglo-Saxon Epic Poem • The Heyne-Socin

... comprehend a general amnesty and cover up such acts as yours and save you from personal peril. You misjudged your country and failed to appreciate that, though slow to enter into a quarrel, however slow to take up arms, it has yet been her wont that in the quarrel she shall bear herself so that the opposer may beware of her, and that she is seldom so dangerous to her enemies as when the hour of national calamity has raised the dormant energies of her people—knit together every nerve and fiber of the body politic, and has made her sons determined to do all, to sacrifice ...
— Public Speaking • Irvah Lester Winter

... practical, enlightened despot, took special exception to Holbach's remarks on government. "Il l'outrage avec autant de grossiret que d'indcence, il force le gouvernement de prendre fait et cause avec l'glise pour s'opposer l'ennemi commun. Mais, quand avec un acharnement violent et les traits de la plus cre satire, il calomnie son Roi et le gouvernement de son pays, on le prend pour un frntique echapp de ses chanes, ...
— Baron d'Holbach - A Study of Eighteenth Century Radicalism in France • Max Pearson Cushing

... that befell him," and records his extraordinary facility in making friends and making enemies. Horace Walpole characterized him in a series of his smartest antitheses as "a singular person whose life was one contradiction." "He wrote against popery and embraced it; he was a zealous opposer of the court and a sacrifice for it; was conscientiously converted in the midst of his prosecution of Lord Strafford and was most unconscientiously a persecutor of Lord Clarendon. With great parts, he always ...
— Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3 - "Brescia" to "Bulgaria" • Various

... Nourse, 1770 (16 mo). The King of Prussia writing from the point of view of a practical, enlightened despot, took special exception to Holbach's remarks on government. "Il l'outrage avec autant de grossierete que d'indecence, il force le gouvernement de prendre fait et cause avec l'eglise pour s'opposer a l'ennemi commun. Mais, quand avec un acharnement violent et les traits de la plus acre satire, il calomnie son Roi et le gouvernement de son pays, on le prend pour un frenetique echappe de ses chaines, et livre aux transports ...
— Baron d'Holbach • Max Pearson Cushing

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