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Noddle   Listen
Noddle  n.  
The head; also, noodle; used jocosely or contemptuously.
Synonyms: noggin. "Come, master, I have a project in my noddle."
The back part of the head or neck. (Obs.) "For occasion... turneth a bald noddle, after she hath presented her locks in front, and no hold taken."

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Noddle" Quotes from Famous Books

... entertained every one at his home on Noddle's Island, which is now East Boston: Vane and Lord Ley, and La Tour when he came to Boston ruined, and even Owen when he ran off with another man's wife, and so brought a fine of L100 on his host. Josselyn says with much feeling: "I went a shore upon Noddles Island to Mr. Samuel Maverick, ... ...
— The Emancipation of Massachusetts • Brooks Adams

... Tom—"one of those courageous gentlemen who can queer the daylights, tap the claret, prevent telling fibs, and pop the noddle into chancery; and a devilish good hand he is, I can assure you, among ...
— Real Life In London, Volumes I. and II. • Pierce Egan

... never used to trouble her self with; and that it is such a trouble to her to be out of her Parents house, in a strange dwelling place: Nay, this oft-times surges so high, that the good man hath his hands full of work to comfort her, and to talk these foolish fancies out of her noddle; and verily, unless he can bridle her frivolous humour with some pleasant discourses, and dry up her tears with no small number of kisses; oh then he'l be sadly put to't. And if this all falls out well, before six weeks are at an end, there'l appear ...
— The Ten Pleasures of Marriage and The Confession of the New-married Couple (1682) • A. Marsh

... Swop, emboldened and brightened by the wine he had so industriously swilled, and willing to contribute his quota of conversation, having previously jumbled in his noddle what Mr Bang had said about an ostrich, and hard food, asked, across the table "Do you believe ostriches eat ...
— Tom Cringle's Log • Michael Scott

... But thar's somethin' else, sure ez shootin' ez shootin', Pawnee. It kinder runs in my noddle thet he ...
— The Boy Land Boomer - Dick Arbuckle's Adventures in Oklahoma • Ralph Bonehill

... from his temple. And this, while beating a retreat and cursing his father and his uncle and their ancestors back to fifty generations. He is now safe in the poplar grove, and his uncle gives up the charge. With a broken noddle he returns home, and Khalid with a broken heart wends his way to the Acropolis, the only shelter in sight. In relating this story, Shakib mentions "the horrible old moon, who was wickedly smiling over the town that night." A broken icon, a broken door, a broken pate,—a big price this, ...
— The Book of Khalid • Ameen Rihani

... had an engagement upon business, declined settling his own accounts till another time, but promised to see Cecilia again soon, and added, "be sure take care of that old Mr Bounce! cracked in the noddle; see that with half an eye! better not trust him! break out some day: do ...
— Cecilia vol. 3 - Memoirs of an Heiress • Frances (Fanny) Burney (Madame d'Arblay)

... Fourth of July is not breaking out in Habersham's noddle, for I can tell him that was the place most affected ...
— Samuel F. B. Morse, His Letters and Journals - In Two Volumes, Volume I. • Samuel F. B. Morse

... What dangers thou canst mak' us scorn! Wi' tippenny[69] we fear nae evil; Wi' usquabae[70] we'll face the devil! The swats[71] sae reamed[72] in Tammie's noddle, Fair play, he cared na de'ils a boddle.[73] But Maggie stood right sair astonished, Till, by the heel and hand admonished She ventured forward on the light; And wow! Tam saw an unco sight! Warlocks ...
— Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 7 • Various

... poll, cephalon; costard (Contemptuous), noddle, pate. Associated Words: phrenology, phrenologist, craniology, craniologist, cephalology, sinciput, occiput, cephalism, behead, decapitate, decapitation, capitation, vertex, crown, skull, cranium, fontanel, trepan, coronal, ...
— Putnam's Word Book • Louis A. Flemming

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