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Loggerhead   Listen
Loggerhead  n.  
A blockhead; a dunce; a numskull.
A spherical mass of iron, with a long handle, used to heat tar.
(Naut.) An upright piece of round timber, in a whaleboat, over which a turn of the line is taken when it is running out too fast.
(Zool.) A very large marine turtle (Thalassochelys caretta syn. Thalassochelys caouana), common in the warmer parts of the Atlantic Ocean, from Brazil to Cape Cod; called also logger-headed turtle.
(Zool.) An American shrike (Lanius Ludovicianus), similar to the butcher bird, but smaller. See Shrike.
To be at loggerheads, To fall to loggerheads, or To go to loggerheads, to quarrel; to be at strife.

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"Loggerhead" Quotes from Famous Books

... and by Love-lane (now Fairclough-lane). I recollect going along Love-lane many a time with my dear wife, when we were sweethearting. We used to go to Low-hill and thence along Everton-road (then called Everton-lane), on each side of which was a row of large trees, and we returned by Loggerhead's-lane (now Everton Crescent), and so home by Richmond-row, (called after Dr. Sylvester Richmond, a physician greatly esteemed and respected.) I recollect very well the brook that ran along the present Byrom-street, whence the tannery on the right-hand side was supplied ...
— Recollections of Old Liverpool • A Nonagenarian

... we knew where we were, it was clear, but by no means careless sailing to our camp. By noon we had made the trip through the bight and, passing out of a narrow creek known as Loggerhead Creek, were on the southwest side of the island. A hundred and fifty miles or so of straight sailing would have brought us to Cuba, but our way lay north up the coast, as we had come down the other. ...
— Pieces of Eight • Richard le Gallienne

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