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Kern  n.  
A light-armed foot soldier of the ancient militia of Ireland and Scotland; distinguished from gallowglass, and often used as a term of contempt. "Now for our Irish wars; We must supplant those rough, rug-headed kerns."
Any kind of boor or low-lived person. (Obs.)
(O. Eng. Law) An idler; a vagabond.

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"Kern" Quotes from Famous Books

... the Buddhists. Since the publication of our results in the Ind. Ant. Vol. VII, p. 143 and in Jacobi's introduction to his edition of the Kalpasutra, which have been further verified by Jacobi with great penetration, views on this question have been divided. Oldenberg, Kern, Hoernle, and others have accepted this new view without hesitation, while A Weber (Indische Studien Bd. XVI, S. 240) and Barth (Revue de l'Histoire des Religions, tom. III, p. 90) keep to their former standpoint. ...
— On the Indian Sect of the Jainas • Johann George Buehler

... imp from the lower regions, all blackened and begrimed, for the moon escaping from the veil of vapour that now nearly concealed the entire vault of the heavens just then shone down on us again, throwing a sickly light on the scene. "How kern ye to be down in the forepeak at ...
— The Island Treasure • John Conroy Hutcheson

... two days and a night," said Carmen, "if you couldn't give us more time. You see, you'd have to travel all night from San Francisco to Bakersfield, or rather to Kern—which is the same thing. And my place is a good long drive from there, even in a motor, ...
— The Port of Adventure • Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson

... wenn ihr nichts im | Wege steht, sehr viel schneller als | die Natur, sie ist, wie man sagen | knnte, der bessere Lufer und | erreicht ihr Ziel schneller. Das zeigt | sich an nahezu allen Dingen: Man | sieht, da sich Obstbume nur langsam | aus dem Kern, aber sehr viel schneller | durch das Aufpfropfen von Zweigen | entwickeln, da Lehm sehr langsam zu | Stein wird, whrend er sehr schnell zu | Stein gebrannt werden kann. Auch die | Sitten betreffend kann man beobachten, | da es sehr lange dauert, bis durch | die Wohltaten der Natur ein Schmerz ...
— Valerius Terminus: of the Interpretation of Nature • Sir Francis Bacon

... several weeks, and when we reached Washington, there was not a man in the party but was determined to fight, heart and soul, to save these rare fish from extinction. One or two summers during which 'fish-hogs' were permitted on the upper reaches of the Kern River, would have destroyed the trout forever, and, indeed, in one month a party of those reckless near-sportsmen destroyed almost one thousand of them. But the President's interest was enlisted, the Bureau of Fisheries ...
— The Boy With the U. S. Fisheries • Francis Rolt-Wheeler

... a conversation with Herr Woschitka, I went to court by appointment. Every one was in hunting-costume. Baron Kern was the chamberlain on service. I might have gone there last night, but I could not offend M. Woschitka, who himself offered to find me an opportunity of speaking to the Elector. At 10 o'clock he took me into a narrow little room, through which his Royal Highness was to pass on ...
— The Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, V.1. • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

... Kern of Old Brunswick House, Achard of New; Ki-wa-nee, the Indian of Flying Post—these and others told briefly of many things, each in his own language. To all Galen Albret listened in silence. Finally Louis Placide from the post at Kettle Portage got to his feet. He too reported of the trade,—so ...
— Conjuror's House - A Romance of the Free Forest • Stewart Edward White

... hall there feast to-night Full many a kern and many a knight, And gentle dames, and clansmen strong, And wandering bards, with store of song: The board is piled with smoking kine, And smooth bright cups of Spanish wine, And fish and fowl from stream and shaw, And ...
— Poems • Denis Florence MacCarthy

... our provincial pronunciation Kern) is the Hebrew Kern, or Keren, from its being circular, like most horns; and it is the Latin 'corona',—named so either from 'radii', resembling horns, as on some very ancient coins, or from its encircling ...
— Eugene Aram, Complete • Edward Bulwer-Lytton

... parties nominated candidates for President and Vice President. They were the Republican, Democratic, Prohibition, Populist, Socialist, Socialist Labor, and Independence. The Republicans nominated William H. Taft and James S. Sherman; and the Democrats, William J. Bryan and John W. Kern. Taft [18] and ...
— A Brief History of the United States • John Bach McMaster

... witch crease built calf search script eaves squint half fern guess heave live talk kern start leap stick walk sperm wrath knee cliff chalk serve floor spleen writ lawn were czar have bronze daub herb haunch frank buzz fault strength flaunt slake snatch spawn sneak haunt smack dredge drift purse sharp clamp church fund ...
— McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book • W. H. McGuffey

... how sour the bread is throughout the Pyrenees, only excepting two or three resorts, and as we were aware of the fact before leaving Pau, we arranged with Monsieur Kern, of the Austrian Bakery, Rue de la Prefecture, to send us a certain amount of bread every day. The first night at Argeles was spent without it, but on the evening of the following day a packet was brought into the drawing-room, where we were assembled, and at the magical word ...
— Twixt France and Spain • E. Ernest Bilbrough

... Woodsman of the World, who rules the forests and the orchards and the groves; and Kern, the Master Husbandman of the World, who rules the grain fields and the meadows and the gardens; and Bo, the Master Mariner of the World, who rules the seas and all the craft that float thereon. And all other immortals are more or less subject to ...
— The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus • L. Frank Baum

... carried a great bundle of withies, and Raleigh asked him what they were for. 'To have hung up the English churls with,' was the bold reply. 'Well,' said Raleigh, 'but now they shall serve for an Irish kern,' and commanded him 'to be immediately tucked up in one of his own neck-bands.' The rest were served in a similar way, and then the young Englishman ...
— Raleigh • Edmund Gosse

... early sympathies for biblical chronology, prefer in matters connected with Indian dates to give head to their own emotional but unscientific intuitions. Some would have us believe that the Samvat era "is not demonstrable for times anteceding the Christian era at all." Kern makes efforts to prove that the Indian astronomers began to employ this era "only after the year of grace 1000." Prof. Weber, referring sarcastically to General Cunningham, observes that "others, on the contrary, have no ...
— Five Years Of Theosophy • Various

... der Citrone Press from the lemon Saftigen Stern! The slow flowing juices. Herb ist des Lebens Bitter is life Innerster Kern. In ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, Complete • Various

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