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Jumpy  adj.  (compar. jumpier; superl. jumpiest)  Jumping, or inducing to jump; characterized by jumps; hence, Extremely nervous; jittery.
Synonyms: edgy, fidgety, high-strung, in suspense(predicate), jittery, nervous, nervy, overstrung, restive, uneasy, uptight.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Jumpy" Quotes from Famous Books

... a simian tea. A super-cow people would revel in long thoughtful books on abstruse philosophical subjects, and would sit up late reading them. Most of the ambitious simians who try it—out of pride—go to sleep. The typical simian brain is supremely distractable, and it's really too jumpy by nature to endure ...
— This Simian World • Clarence Day

... I'm still jumpy, and this sort of carelessness makes me nervous, particularly as the story is going about that the King came near being assassinated in the station of his home town when he was leaving. Man fired point blank at his face, but ...
— The Sisters-In-Law • Gertrude Atherton

... I was a mass of bruises and aches, to say nothing of jumpy nerves. I was not inclined to make light of my injuries ...
— The Lady of the Basement Flat • Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

... I cried sharply. The crack of the pistol had given a flick to my nerves. Mine had been a sheltered life, into which hitherto revolver-shots had not entered, and I was resenting this abrupt introduction of them. I felt jumpy ...
— The Little Nugget • P.G. Wodehouse

... in the 500 yards had the line to drop flat, until the last man was placed. The next thing was to get in touch with "A" Company, who were putting out the platoon to guard "B" Company's left flank. Rather jumpy work, this joining hands in pitch darkness. It was a long, silent night. At 9.30 the tinkling sound of the wire being fixed was heard, and they knew from this that the digging had commenced—some 800 men, good and true, working silently as ...
— The Seventeenth Highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Battalion) - Record of War Service, 1914-1918 • Various

... the house; but as a fact, it was the supernatural element which decided me. I do not like the idea of the supernatural; my nerves, excellent in their way and in their own sphere, are inclined to get jumpy under ...
— The Master Detective - Being Some Further Investigations of Christopher Quarles • Percy James Brebner

... over," he reported. "From what I can make out, as soon as the stoats, who were very nervous and jumpy already, heard the shrieks and the yells and the uproar inside the hall, some of them threw down their rifles and fled. The others stood fast for a bit, but when the weasels came rushing out upon them they thought they were betrayed; and the stoats grappled ...
— The Wind in the Willows • Kenneth Grahame

... sight of it. "No, Jack, no! Don't be so jumpy! Of course she hasn't. As if she would! She hasn't said a thing. But I know how she feels, and I should feel exactly the same in her place. Now do be sensible! You must see my point. I'm getting on, you know, Jack. I'm twenty-five. Just fancy! You've ...
— The Odds - And Other Stories • Ethel M. Dell

Words linked to "Jumpy" :   smooth, restive, rocky, rough, jump, nervy, highly strung, jittery, edgy, uptight, bumpy, overstrung, jolty, jolting, high-strung, jumpiness, tense

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