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Hr   Listen
hr  n.  An abbreviation for hour, the period of time equal to 1/24th of a day.
Synonyms: hour, 60 minutes.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Hr" Quotes from Famous Books

... the middle of the room, with her feet towards Mecca, and was covered with the piece of brocade which your majesty presented to Abou Hassan. After I had expressed the share I took in his grief, I went and lifted up the pall at the head, and knew Nouzhatoul-aouadat, though hr face was much swelled and changed. I exhorted Abou Hassan in the best manner I could to be comforted; and when I came away, told him I would attend at his wife's funeral, and desired him not to remove the corpse till I came. This is all I can tell your majesty." "I ask no more," ...
— The Arabian Nights Entertainments vol. 3 • Anon.

... meat, dead flies, bits of paper, wood, dried moss, sponge, cinders, glass, &c., were repeatedly [page 21] placed on leaves, and these objects were well embraced in various periods from one hr. to as long as 24 hrs., and set free again, with the leaf fully re-expanded, in from one or two, to seven or even ten days, according to the nature of the object. On a leaf which had naturally caught two flies, and therefore had already closed and reopened either once or more probably ...
— Insectivorous Plants • Charles Darwin

... most interesting, and at the same time easiest excursions from Lyons is to Mont Ceindre, 4m. from Lyons. Take the omnibus starting from the Rue de la Platire to the village of St. Cyr-au-Mont-d'Or, 3m., time 1 hr., by a road always ascending. Fare, fr. The omnibus office at St. Cyr, the inn, and the caf, are on a wide terrace commanding an extensive view. The village, pop. 2000, is poor and dirty, and built on ...
— The South of France—East Half • Charles Bertram Black

... time, the first two crotchets being divided into triplet quavers, the last into two. The syncopated chords are on the four strings, all muted, and each divided into two parts. In the tenth bar (counting from the double bar maessig langsam 3-4) the woodwind (Cl. Hr. Fag.) enter, sustaining the chord "sehr weich," the first clarinet having the upper note, quite soft, like a sigh, forming a cadence after each phrase of the voice part. The extreme nervous tensity is emphasized almost beyond endurance by the incessant syncopated triplets of the strings. ...
— Wagner's Tristan und Isolde • George Ainslie Hight

... pouring melted beeswax on the article you wish to reproduce and removing after the wax gets cold. The wax mold then should be coated with black lead and polished. This is done with a camel's hair brush. A fine copy can be made on the wax impression after the battery has been running about 12 hr. ...
— The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1 - 700 Things For Boys To Do • Popular Mechanics

... that Al we was supposed to have our chow a hr. ago but no chow and some of the boys says its on acct. of our back arears being under fire and you see the kitchens is way back of the front lines and the boys on chow detail is supposed to bring our food up here but when the back ...
— The Real Dope • Ring Lardner

... quite late that evening before the milk had been strained into the wooden platters and placed in rows on the shelves in the milk house. Hr. Bogstad and Signe had proffered their help, but they had been ordered into the house and Signe was told to prepare the evening meal. When Hansine came in, she found the table set with the cheese, milk, butter, and black bread, while ...
— Added Upon - A Story • Nephi Anderson

... my dear friends, and in a few days set off to Count Moltke's in Funen, there to spend a few lovely summer days. I here received a letter from the Minister Count Rantzau-Breitenburg, who was with the King and Queen of Denmark at the watering-place of F/hr. He wrote, saying that he had the pleasure of announcing to me the most gracious invitation of their Majesties to F/hr. This island, as is well known, lies in the North Sea, not far from the coast of ...
— The True Story of My Life • Hans Christian Andersen

... an actual fact, that he, commander In chief, in proper person deigned to drill The awkward squad, and could afford to squander His time, a corporal's duty to fulfil; Just as you'd break a sucking salamander To swallow flame, and never take it ill:[hr] He showed them how to mount a ladder (which Was not like Jacob's) or to ...
— The Works of Lord Byron, Volume 6 • Lord Byron

... the se Godes wer Constantius tha this gehyrde, he sona swithe blithe forlet tha leoht fatu the he behwearf, and hrdlice nyther astah and thone ceorl beclypte and mid swithlicre lufe ongann mid his earmum hinc clyppan and cyssan and him swithe thancian, tht he swa be him gedemde, and thus cwth: "Thu ana hfdest ontynde eagan on me and ...
— Anglo-Saxon Literature • John Earle

... general thing the deities invoked by women are, by predilection, female divinities, some of them being mere abstractions, while 'the Creator' is often the only god in the woman's list, except, of course, the priests: "Reverence to priests, and to the Creator ... May Hr[i], Cr[i] (Modesty and Beauty), Fame, Glory, Prosperity, Um[a] (Civa's wife), Lakshmi (Vishnu's wife), and also Sarasvat[i], (may all these female divinities) guard thy path, because thou reverest thy elder brother," is a woman's prayer ...
— The Religions of India - Handbooks On The History Of Religions, Volume 1, Edited By Morris Jastrow • Edward Washburn Hopkins

... side," I was, for a minute, stumped. However, there were already three chaps sitting at that table, so the fourth place must be mine. I sat down and presently I heard the sounder say, "Who?" I answered "BY," and then "HO," said, "Hr. City," I grabbed a pen and made ready to copy, but by the time he had finished the address I was just putting down the number and check. "Break" I said, "G. A. from," B-r-r-r-r- how that sounder did jump. This ...
— Danger Signals • John A. Hill and Jasper Ewing Brady

... from the bottom up so that the roof is not exposed to the high temperature radiating from the open arc. The electrodes in this furnace are of graphite, 9 in. in diameter and the current consumed is about 500 kw.-hr. per ton. ...
— The Working of Steel - Annealing, Heat Treating and Hardening of Carbon and Alloy Steel • Fred H. Colvin

... longer main line (via Bath), giving a start-to-stop speed of 59-1/8 miles an hour, with a dead slow through Bath Station. But to Bath, where a coach is slipped, the inclusive speed is 60 miles an hour, as the distance is 107 miles (all but 10 chains), and the time from Paddington, 1 hr. 47 min. This is by the 10.50 a.m. "Cornishman," and is said to be the first Great Western train ever booked at a mile a minute, and the first train on any London Railway ...
— The King's Post • R. C. Tombs

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