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Fuddle   Listen
Fuddle  v. i.  To drink to excess. (Colloq.)

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Fuddle" Quotes from Famous Books

... he had four. And now, by plain dint of hard spurring and whipping, Dry-shod we came where folks sometimes take shipping. And now hur in Wales is, Saint Taph be hur speed, Gott splutter hur taste, some Welsh ale hur had need: Yet surely the Welsh are not wise of their fuddle, For this had the taste and complexion of puddle. From thence then we marched, full as dry as we came, My guide before prancing, his steed no more lame, O'er hills and o'er valleys uncouth and uneven, ...
— Old Roads and New Roads • William Bodham Donne

... obliged to comply and pay the money, convinced of the folly of being on ill terms with those one is to live with continually." He was stronger than any of his mates, kept his head clearer because he did not fuddle it with beer, and availed himself of the liberty which then existed of working as fast and as much as he chose. On this point he says: "My constant attendance (I never making a St. Monday) recommended me to the master; and my uncommon ...
— Four American Leaders • Charles William Eliot

... one's swill [Slang], drain the cup, splice the main brace, take a hair of the dog that bit you. liquor, liquor up; wet one's whistle, take a whet; crack a bottle, pass the bottle; toss off &c (drink up) 298; go to the alehouse, go to the public house. make one drunk &c adj.; inebriate, fuddle, befuddle, fuzzle^, get into one's head. Adj. drunk, tipsy; intoxicated; inebrious^, inebriate, inebriated; in one's cups; in a state of intoxication &c n.; temulent^, temulentive^; bombed, smashed; fuddled, mellow, cut, boozy, fou^, fresh, merry, elevated; flustered, disguised, groggy, beery; top-heavy; ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... sigh of gusto, Sheriff gulped down number two and put the glass on the floor. "No," he said; "no more. They're heavenly, I'll grant, but no more. We shall want very clear heads for what's in front of us, and I'm not going to fuddle mine for a commencement. I can tell you we have been very nearly wrecked already. It was only by the skin of my teeth I managed to collar Master Kettle. I only got him because I happened to ...
— A Master of Fortune • Cutcliffe Hyne

Words linked to "Fuddle" :   throw, confound, get, clutter, be, demoralize, consume, pose, baffle, nonplus, put off, disorientate, pub-crawl, perplex, tipple, bib, tank, have, bar hop, muddle, intoxicate, fish fuddle, fox, bewilder, take, flurry, smother, carry, stick, jumble, take in, confuse, disorient, mare's nest, souse, bedevil, gravel, drink, beat, amaze, welter, befuddle, wine

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