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Flare-up   Listen
Flare-up  n.  
A sudden burst of anger or passion; an angry dispute. (Colloq.)
A sudden bursting into flame; a flaring.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Flare-up" Quotes from Famous Books

... her best. Anything Fred Thorpe could say on the subject would be bitterly misconstrued. He realized that her conception of the part to play was to make the worst of things instead of the best and snatch what satisfaction she could from a flare-up. That was what Horrocks wanted, of course, but she was past caring, or so it seemed until the sudden change took place after the appearance ...
— Winnie Childs - The Shop Girl • C. N. Williamson

... the Medici had undermined the character of the Florentines. This, their last glorious struggle for liberty, was but a flash in the pan—a final flare-up of the dying lamp. The city was not satisfied with slavery; but it had no capacity for united action. The Ottimati were egotistic and jealous of the people. The Palleschi desired to restore the Medici at any price—some ...
— Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Second Series • John Addington Symonds

... announcements, which are only to be equalled in size by the figures beneath them, are left in a state of pleasing hesitation between 'The Cream of the Valley,' 'The Out and Out,' 'The No Mistake,' 'The Good for Mixing,' 'The real Knock-me-down,' 'The celebrated Butter Gin,' 'The regular Flare-up,' and a dozen other, equally inviting and wholesome liqueurs. Although places of this description are to be met with in every second street, they are invariably numerous and splendid in precise proportion to ...
— Sketches by Boz - illustrative of everyday life and every-day people • Charles Dickens

... melted,' he explained to Simon, 'the paraffin would run into the charcoal, and there would be a magnificent flare-up.' ...
— Hugo - A Fantasia on Modern Themes • Arnold Bennett

... in a sort of flare-up. Mr. Fosdick was just a little bit sarcastic, and I expressed my feelings rather ...
— The Portygee • Joseph Crosby Lincoln

... admire that!" cried Josepha, starting up in her enthusiasm. "It is a general flare-up! It is Sardanapalus! Splendid, thoroughly complete! I may be a hussy, but I have a soul! I tell you, I like a spendthrift, like you, crazy over a woman, a thousand times better than those torpid, heartless bankers, who are supposed ...
— Poor Relations • Honore de Balzac

... this to me," she commanded. "Don't you think I've been using my eyes? There's no earthly use in stepping in now, for Deborah has lost her head. She sees herself a great new woman with a career. But wait till the present flare-up subsides, till the newspapers all drop her and she is thoroughly tired out. Until then, remember, we keep our ...
— His Family • Ernest Poole

... into Elliott territory again that John Brown's team found itself enough to brace and rock the stadium with the thrill of stopping Delmar's smashing advance by taking the ball on downs! Even this sudden flare-up of spirited defense was lightly regarded by the stands who saw in Elliott's improved play but the last spent effort of a dying ember whose light is always brightest before it fades into oblivion. And Tim Mooney's fifty yard punt, putting Elliott ...
— Interference and Other Football Stories • Harold M. Sherman

... Bank of France prints a certain number of notes per day, and destroys a smaller number, so as to have always in reserve a sufficient supply of new notes to meet any emergency; but the actual burning, the grand flare-up takes place only about once a month, when perhaps 150,000 will be burned at once. The French go down to lower denominations than the Rank of England, having notes of 100 francs and 50 francs, equivalent to L4 and L2. There must be a great deal of ...
— Scientific American, Vol.22, No. 1, January 1, 1870 • Various

... edifice for her own enjoyment; and the usual fate of the robust liar had overtaken her: she was beginning to believe in her own lies. Still she never ventured to relax her critical alertness, her careful surveillance of detail. For, just a day or two before, she had seen a quick flare-up of incredulity light Tilly's face, and oddly enough this had happened when she tried her audience with a fact, a simple little fact, an incident that had really occurred. She had killed the doubt, instantly, by smothering it with a fiction; ...
— The Getting of Wisdom • Henry Handel Richardson

... wor a flare-up at Booith-Taan Hall that neet! It had been gein aat 'at they'd to be a meetin' held to elect a new Lord-Mayor, for New-Taan, Booith-Taan, an' th' Haley Hill, on which particular occashun, ale ud be supplied ...
— Yorkshire Ditties, Second Series - To which is added The Cream of Wit and Humour - from his Popular Writings • John Hartley

... reply with equal heat but instead he ignored her argument and with a return to his former manner as though his flare-up of interest had ...
— The Man from the Bitter Roots • Caroline Lockhart

... of the flare-up of a stolid and apparently unfeeling nature in the flame of the pity and ...
— The Atlantic Book of Modern Plays • Various

... some old horse that's slaughtered at the first sign of illness? And, of course, it makes me think of myself, and I can't help feeling that it won't be at all amusing to end like that. And may the thunder of God kill me if I'm wrong, but one feels half inclined to join in their great flare-up if it's really ...
— The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete - Lourdes, Rome and Paris • Emile Zola

... the bridge of sighs since the parting in the library. Passed long since, it seemed, was that uprush of burning humiliation; subdued was the betraying flare-up (mamma's favorite word nowadays)—vanished to thin air like a midsummer madness, delirium's delusion, hardly possible to understand, much less recapture, now. A day had hardly passed, after the second rejection of Mr. Canning ...
— V. V.'s Eyes • Henry Sydnor Harrison

... killed Ranelagh had the resort 'not been near its demise at the time it was written. But there was to be one final flare-up ere the end came. On a June night in 1803 the Rotunda was the scene of its last ball. The occasion was the Installation of the Knights of the Bath, and produced, on the authority of the Annual Register, "one of the most splendid entertainments ever given in this country." The cost ...
— Inns and Taverns of Old London • Henry C. Shelley

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