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Electrode  n.  (Elec.) A conducting object by which electricity is conveyed into or from a solution or other non-metallic conducting medium; esp., the ends of the wires or conductors, leading from source of electricity, and terminating in the medium traversed by the current. Note: Electrodes may be specially designed or made of a special material for particular purposes, as for example silver electrodes used in electroplating.

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"Electrode" Quotes from Famous Books

... Gassiot made the discovery that the temperature of the positive electrode of an electric arc is much greater than that of the negative electrode. This is explained in electronic theory by the bombardment of the positive electrode by negative electrons or corpuscles of electricity. This temperature-difference was later taken into ...
— Artificial Light - Its Influence upon Civilization • M. Luckiesh

... he asked. "The iodine ions have actually passed through the beef to the positive pole and the paper on the electrode. ...
— The War Terror • Arthur B. Reeve

... and you will increase your magnetic forces. Sensation, emotion and intensity of expression rise from the solar plexus. Magnetism is generated by brain forces focalized by thoughts, the nerves are the medium of transfusion, colors increase the vibrations. The moist palm of the hand forms an electrode when applied to any affected part. The brain, by thought, starts the magnetic currents of healing force thru the arm into the part treated. Let your eyes rest on the color of the Monochrome used, the current will then be complete. By practise you can greatly intensify the ...
— Supreme Personality • Delmer Eugene Croft

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