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Diddle  v. t.  To cheat or overreach. (Colloq.)

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Diddle" Quotes from Famous Books

... not get up without assistance, stayed musing in his chair. He had diddled 'em for the moment into giving him another month, and when that month was up-he would diddle 'em again! A month ought to make the Pillin business safe, with all that hung on it. That poor funkey chap Joe Pillin! A gurgling chuckle escaped his red lips. What a shadow the fellow had looked, trotting in that evening just a month ago, behind ...
— Forsyte Saga • John Galsworthy

... diddle dumpling, my son John Went to bed with his breeches on, One stocking off, and one stocking on, Diddle diddle ...
— The Only True Mother Goose Melodies - Without Addition or Abridgement • Munroe and Francis

... Hey diddle, diddle! the cat and the fiddle; The cow jumped over the moon; The little dog laughed to see such craft, And the dish ran ...
— Dramatic Reader for Lower Grades • Florence Holbrook

... /vt./ To work with or modify in a not particularly serious manner. "I diddled a copy of {ADVENT} so it didn't double-space all the time." "Let's diddle this piece of code and see if the problem goes away." See {tweak} and {twiddle}. 2. /n./ The action or result of diddling. See also ...
— The Jargon File, Version 4.0.0

... pull'd Grammer out by the hand All down drough the dance vrom the top; An' Grammer did hobble an' squall, Wi' Gammon a-leaeden the ball; While Gammon did sheaeke up his knee An' his voot, an' zing "Diddle-ee-dee!" An' we laugh'd ourzelves all out o' breath At the me'th ...
— Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect • William Barnes

Words linked to "Diddle" :   rook, gyp, manipulate, nobble, rip off, fiddle, retire, bunco, toy, goldbrick, play, hornswoggle, chisel, short-change, victimize, cheat, swindle, put out, con, mulct, short, scam, defraud

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