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Cuddling   Listen
cuddling  n.  
Holding close in a tender and afectionate manner.
Lying closely together while caressing; nestling together.
Foreplay without contact with the genital organs. (slang)
Synonyms: caressing, fondling, hugging, kissing, necking, petting, smooching, snuggling.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Cuddling" Quotes from Famous Books

... she repeated, cuddling close to him as if to show that there were dearer places than that gorgeous city, "I saw a knight and a lady getting married. And lots of other knights were there—they didn't wear their fighting clothes—and lots of other ...
— New Faces • Myra Kelly

... feathered flock had all gone to roost. As Gwen crossed the hen-yard she suddenly saw something dark and shadowy creep from behind the shed and dart stealthily in the direction of the coops. It disappeared inside the very one where the cherished Partridge Wyandottes were cuddling under their foster-mother's wings. Gwen's heart almost stood still. She well knew the cunning and daring of rats, and how they would snatch the chicks or young ducklings from the wariest and most warlike hen. To leave this in the coop for even a minute while ...
— The Youngest Girl in the Fifth - A School Story • Angela Brazil

... a dim blur upon the frosty night. It was near time for him to close his store, and when she entered he was turning out the loafers who had been cuddling ...
— Blow The Man Down - A Romance Of The Coast - 1916 • Holman Day

... the fact that she scarcely tasted her breakfast. Her Uncle Dick, however, at last did remark that Mary had not much to say. "I am afraid grown-up parties are too much for Mary," he said, after breakfast, drawing her to his side in the hammock and cuddling her to him. "Are you sleepy, Mary, or don't ...
— Three Little Cousins • Amy E. Blanchard

... Sophy. "This is a big town, but it ain't got no room for back-homers. Don't sour on one job till you've got another nailed. You'll find yourself cuddling down on a park bench if you do. Say, ...
— Buttered Side Down • Edna Ferber

... the blue haze floats away, mingling with the darker, thicker vapour from the less frequent lyddite. "What are they shooting at?" a stranger would say; "there is nobody there." Isn't there? Only 4000 crafty, vigilant Boers, crowding in their holes and cuddling their ...
— With Rimington • L. March Phillipps

... of wild animals in it, from alligators and wildcats to mosquitoes by the million. How do we know but what some of them might take a notion to come aboard in the night? I can see myself waking up to find a bobtailed cat cuddling up under my blanket with me; or a ten-foot 'gator sprawled out across Will, here, asking to have his picture taken. Tell me about ...
— The Outdoor Chums on the Gulf • Captain Quincy Allen

... child in the house. It was rather hideous, for the little girl adored me, and I was beginning to entertain an odd aversion toward her, as being in a way responsible for everything. Had Gillian Hardress never found me cuddling the child, whose sex was visibly a daily aggrievement to Jasper Hardress, however conscientiously he strove to conceal the fact,—so that in consequence "I have to love my precious lamb for two, Jack,"—Gillian would never, I think, have distinguished me from the many other men who, ...
— The Cords of Vanity • James Branch Cabell et al

... am sure you would much rather stay here and chase grasshoppers, but I want to go so powerfully that I think I shall cry my eyes out if grandma says I can't. I know she wouldn't consent if I asked her, but maybe she will if Miss Dorothy does." She sat still cuddling Dippy who had fallen asleep again. From her point of vantage she could look up and down the street. She had learned not to expect to move the mountain, but the mustard seeds were again in ...
— Little Maid Marian • Amy E. Blanchard

... little squirrel they persecute, and the terrible wild-cat, which seeks its unsuspecting prey by night, or in the twilight, when the squirrels are gambolling merrily among the leafy branches before cuddling to sleep in their little nests. With sly caution the wild-cat creeps noiselessly through the underbrush, and with one savage spring it destroys the peace of some poor little ...
— Harper's Young People, January 6, 1880 - An Illustrated Weekly • Various

... sweetening red ferns and lift the bell so that there is no closet, search and shake the best example and never shudder in the cuddling water. See the silence rest in black and suffer all the spoons to wander, allow the more to see it with the glass and bestow more ...
— Matisse Picasso and Gertrude Stein - With Two Shorter Stories • Gertrude Stein

... Kasbah with his school and Taleb, in the long procession of many schools and many Talebs. Every child carried a present for the rich Basha; now a boy with a goat, then a girl with a lamb, again a poor tattered mite with a hen, all cuddling them close like pets they must part with, yet all looking radiantly happy in their sweet innocency, which had no alloy of pain from the tree of the knowledge of ...
— The Scapegoat • Hall Caine

... return. Priscilla's hammock barely stirred and the rhythmic creak of Ruth's rocking-chair grew gradually less frequent. Peggy, cuddling down among the cushions, let her thoughts stray again to the joys of being without sidewalks, and all that was implied in such a lack. The porch with the silent trio would not have seemed out of place in that enchanted ...
— Peggy Raymond's Vacation - or Friendly Terrace Transplanted • Harriet L. (Harriet Lummis) Smith

... coming her way; the inevitable was at hand and she recognized it, and with an effort stood upright cuddling the baby close. ...
— An Australian Lassie • Lilian Turner

... it," cried Uncle Felix; "above all, don't say it aloud." And he clapped one hand upon his own mouth, and the other upon the boy's, as Tim came cuddling closer to his comforting expanse of side. "That only ...
— The Extra Day • Algernon Blackwood

... sunlight and sauntered lazily to the right. He sighed down his nose: they never understand. Sodachapped hands. Crusted toenails too. Brown scapulars in tatters, defending her both ways. The sting of disregard glowed to weak pleasure within his breast. For another: a constable off duty cuddling her in Eccles lane. They like them sizeable. Prime sausage. O please, Mr Policeman, I'm lost in ...
— Ulysses • James Joyce

... gate and walked with unhurried feet toward the small house, so gay in its festal plumage. As she passed the old plum-tree she looked up and saw the mother bird cuddling her babies beneath ...
— Little Sister Snow • Frances Little

... Following her example, I changed the subject by talking about the charity concert for the orphans, and when she gushed about the 'little darlings,' I advised her to adopt one and wondered why young ladies didn't do that sort of thing, instead of cuddling cats and lapdogs." ...
— Rose in Bloom - A Sequel to "Eight Cousins" • Louisa May Alcott

... began Polly, cuddling up the suffering foot. Just then, a small and peculiar noise struck her ear; and looking up she saw Joel, with a very distorted face, making violent efforts to keep from bursting out into a loud cry. All his attempts, however, failed; and he flung himself into Polly's lap in ...
— Five Little Peppers And How They Grew • Margaret Sidney

... The tiny brown house cuddling like a wren's nest on the edge of the longest and deepest of the tide-water coves that cut through Riverton had but four rooms in all,—the kitchen tacked to the back porch, after the fashion of South Carolina kitchens, the shed room in which Peter slept, the dining-room which ...
— The Purple Heights • Marie Conway Oemler

Words linked to "Cuddling" :   snogging, necking, fondling, hugging, cuddle, smooching, foreplay, petting, kissing, arousal, caressing

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