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Creaky   Listen
creaky  adj.  
Worn down with age or use; in poor condition.
Synonyms: decrepit, flea-bitten, run-down, rundown, woebegone.
Producing a rasping or grating sound under some circumsatance; as, they were alerted by the creaky stairs; my creaky kitchen door needs oiling.
Synonyms: creaking, screaky.
Aching when flexed; of body parts; as, my creaky old joints.
Synonyms: arthritic, rheumatic, rheumatoid.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Creaky" Quotes from Famous Books

... Canada Pacific Railway, which would "likely be worked next year;" and the confident tone of monopoly of the traffic on the lake with which the man spoke raised vague speculations as to the mine of wealth this little creaky boat must be to the four men who built and worked it, their expenditure being literally confined to their own provisions, the oil burnt in their lanterns, and the cost of cutting the ...
— A Trip to Manitoba • Mary FitzGibbon

... International Encyclopedia), looking out across the brown river and puffing clouds of sweet gray reek. Down by the livery stable on Main street (there must be a livery stable on Main street) I can see the old creaky, cane-bottomed chairs (with seats punctured by too much philosophy) tilted against the sycamore trees, ready for the afternoon gossip and shag tobacco. I can imagine the small boys of Boonville fishing for catfish from the piers of the bridge or bathing down by the steamboat dock (if there ...
— Mince Pie • Christopher Darlington Morley

... and the sitting room brushed and set to rights much earlier than was the Day custom. When Janice had done this she came back to the kitchen, to find her aunt sitting in a creaky rocker in the middle of the unswept floor and with the dishes only half washed, deep in a cheap ...
— Janice Day at Poketown • Helen Beecher Long

... man who "perhaps did more for the German Empire than for the Electorate of Brandenburg," hint some. The Kaiser himself, Friedrich III., was now getting old; anxious to see Max secure, and to set his house in order. A somewhat anxious, creaky, close-fisted, ineffectual old Kaiser; [See Kohler (Munzbelustigungen, vi. 393-401; ii. 89-96, &c.) for a vivid account of him.] distinguished by his luck in getting Max so provided for, and bringing the Seventeen Provinces of the Netherlands to his House. ...
— History Of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Vol. III. (of XXI.) - Frederick The Great—The Hohenzollerns In Brandenburg—1412-1718 • Thomas Carlyle

... heart! I thought you were some relation of my cousin Grasshopper's. You came down the hill with long leaps just like him; so I stopped to say, How d' ye do," said the cricket, in its creaky voice. ...
— The Louisa Alcott Reader - A Supplementary Reader for the Fourth Year of School • Louisa M. Alcott

... man made his way home, singing through the forest in his creaky old voice until he came near the little wooden house where he lived with the old woman. As soon as he came near there he slipped along like any mouse. And as soon as he put his head inside the ...
— Old Peter's Russian Tales • Arthur Ransome

... creaky—took me six weeks to get them mended last time, so I suppose I may expect as ...
— The Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley Volume 3 • Leonard Huxley

... person in the capacious depths of a creaky chair, stretched his long limbs out before him, and ...
— I Will Repay • Baroness Emmuska Orczy

... Stealing down the creaky, boxed-in stairs, he got a lantern from the kitchen and lighted it. The actual performance of this practical act made his experience of the last few minutes seem fanciful, unreal. He was no longer under the spell of that ghostly column and he was not so sure that ...
— Pee-wee Harris on the Trail • Percy Keese Fitzhugh

... along pretty well, but wife has been creaky, and I got done up in a brutal London fog struggling with the worse fog of ...
— The Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley Volume 3 • Leonard Huxley

... was already washed and combed and ready to be dressed, when Matvey, stepping deliberately in his creaky boots, came back into the room with the telegram in his hand. The barber ...
— Anna Karenina • Leo Tolstoy

... we told about it and Mr. Ellsworth (he's our scoutmaster) said it was probably just the wind blowing in that creaky old thing. But after that, all the kids in Bridgeboro said the wheel was haunted. If you say a place ...
— Roy Blakeley's Bee-line Hike • Percy Keese Fitzhugh

... step of the creaky carriage, and gave his whip that peculiar twist that only a born ...
— The Shield of Silence • Harriet T. Comstock

... room, and fought a small army of insects and mice, till the first streaks of dawn enabled us to vacate our quarters. The tumult and squabble overhead continued at intervals through the night and rose above the howling of the storm without. Descending the creaky stairway, we found the old lady stripping fish for our breakfast. A number of pigs and fowl were rummaging about the kitchen at will. Piles of garments were stacked up in the four corners of the room, where they were sorted over and over again, as each one of the boys ...
— The New England Magazine Volume 1, No. 3, March, 1886 - Bay State Monthly Volume 4, No. 3, March, 1886 • Various

... dim light that filtered out through the half open door of the inner room, it was dark here. Slowly, with that almost uncanny, silent tread that he had acquired on the creaky, rickety stairs of the old Sanctuary, Jimmie Dale began to move forward, the weight of his body wholly and firmly on one foot before the other was lifted from the floor; and, as he advanced, the black silk mask, from a pocket in the leather girdle, ...
— The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale • Frank L. Packard

... I fed on the mad and morbid literature that the enthusiasm of 1830 called into existence. The gloomy and sterile little pictures of "Gaspard de la Nuit," or the elaborate criminality, "Les Contes Immoraux," laboriously invented lifeless things with creaky joints, pitiful lay figures that fall to dust as soon as the book is closed, and in the dust only the figures of the terrible ferryman and the unfortunate Dora remain. "Madame Potiphar" cost me forty francs, and I never read more than ...
— Confessions of a Young Man • George Moore

... creaky little inn, facing a wet, cobbly yard and having the air of being retiring in disposition and somewhat surprised at the advent of visitors. The landlady is away, it appears, and we are received by her spouse, a mild-mannered old ...
— A Midsummer Drive Through The Pyrenees • Edwin Asa Dix

... corner to the main street and made his plodding way, along it, his shoulders drooping, his brain fagged from the flaring heat of anger and the strain that the events of the night had put upon it. In his creaky bed in the old boarding house, he again sought to think, but in vain. He could only lie awake and stare into the darkness about him, while through his mind ran a muddled conglomeration of foreboding, waking dreams, revamps of the happenings of the last three weeks, memories which brought ...
— The Cross-Cut • Courtney Ryley Cooper

... po'rer folks come drivin' mules dat leaned up 'ginst de shaf', Hitched to broke-down, creaky wagons dat looked like dey'd ...
— Fifty years & Other Poems • James Weldon Johnson

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