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Craziness   Listen
Craziness  n.  
The state of being broken down or weakened; as, the craziness of a ship, or of the limbs.
The state of being broken in mind; imbecility or weakness of intellect; derangement.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Craziness" Quotes from Famous Books

... police to use panic gas in case of public tumult. But it's too dangerous. Nobody knows what one man will do in a panic. Take a hundred or two or three and panic them all, and there's no limit to their craziness! The whole thing ...
— This World Is Taboo • Murray Leinster

... began, and dare not trust herself. "You all know ..." she said once more, and we understood what she would say. "What can I do?" she cried to us. "What is there I can do? I ain't got anything but my craziness! Oh, it seems like I ain't much, an' so I'd ought ...
— Friendship Village • Zona Gale

... star-spangled red he glimpsed her once where the hair swept off her brow, and for the moment, to his blurred craziness, it was as if through the red her brow was shotted with little scars and pock marks from glass, and a hot surge of unaccountable sickness fanned the enormous silence ...
— The Vertical City • Fannie Hurst

... already come to hate the curate's trick of helpless exclamation, his stupid rigidity of mind. His endless muttering monologue vitiated every effort I made to think out a line of action, and drove me at times, thus pent up and intensified, almost to the verge of craziness. He was as lacking in restraint as a silly woman. He would weep for hours together, and I verily believe that to the very end this spoiled child of life thought his weak tears in some way efficacious. And ...
— The War of the Worlds • H. G. Wells

... danged fool!" Skinny said crossly. "Can't you ever get over your dog-goned craziness? They was just tired and went to bed. Give me that package, it's mine and private!" reaching for ...
— The Ramblin' Kid • Earl Wayland Bowman

... The craziness of the gibus hats beats description. Some were very tall, the shaft crowned with a platform larger than the head, like the shako of an Imperial Lancer; others very low, ending in an inverted cone—the mouth of a blunderbuss ...
— The Cathedral • Joris-Karl Huysmans

... marry till you do, Nan . . . because not one of the 'dozens' understand your—your general craziness as ...
— The Moon out of Reach • Margaret Pedler

... whether I am or not, but if to be very happy in the companionship of the living and of the dead, and to have one as real as the other is craziness, then I ...
— Tracy Park • Mary Jane Holmes

... that Count Alexey Petrovitch is an impostor. But he can't help seeming to be one, because all of you gentlemen attempt to see in him something different from what he really is. His craziness is looked upon as originality, his familiar manners as good-nature, and his complete absence of opinions as Conservatism. Even granted that he is a Conservative of the stamp of '84, what ...
— The Party and Other Stories • Anton Chekhov

... that way!" wailed the oil man, suddenly. "You'll make me believe in this island in the air business, and I know it's craziness!" ...
— On a Torn-Away World • Roy Rockwood

... Bharati of Katwa. Some say he did this to gain respect and credit as a religious preacher, others say it was done in consequence of a curse laid on him by a Brahman whom he had offended. Be this as it may, his craziness seems now to have reached its height. He wandered off from his home, in the first instance, to Puri to see the shrine of Jagannath. Thence for six years he roamed all over India preaching Vaish.navism, ...
— Chaitanya and the Vaishnava Poets of Bengal • John Beames

... not a thief—or a fool, quite, I hope. I can provide for you comfortably and I'll do my level best to be a good husband to you. If there was any excuse for his hating me, any except that idiotic spirit craziness of his. And what right has he to order you around? A hundred years or so ago fathers used to order their sons and daughters to marry this one or the other, and if they didn't mind they disinherited 'em, or threw 'em out of doors, or some such stuff. At least, that's the way it worked, according ...
— Galusha the Magnificent • Joseph C. Lincoln

... will have any fear of her; do you think so?"—"Oh, no! but I think I will tell her that madam is a very old woman, and that I hope she will be very kind, and try not to annoy her; and that she must not be frightened at her strange notions. I doubt if she knows what craziness is."—"She would be wise if she could define it," said my father with a smile. "Perhaps we had better say nothing about the old lady. It is probable that she stays altogether in her own room, and that the child will rarely see her. I never have realized ...
— An Arrow in a Sunbeam - and Other Tales • Various

... shout various none too subtle allusions to Moshki's physical condition for the benefit of les femmes. And in response would come peals of laughter from the girls' windows, shrill peals and deep guttural peals intersecting and breaking joints like overlapping shingles on the roof of Craziness. So hearty did these responses become one afternoon that, in answer to loud pleas from the injured Moshki, the pimply sergeant de plantons himself came to the gate in the barbed wire fence and delivered a lecture upon the seriousness of venereal ailments ...
— The Enormous Room • Edward Estlin Cummings

... not don the mask and domino. "Mandeville" came out about the same time as "Rob Roy;" but the "craziness of the public" for the Author of "Waverley" was not changed into a passion for the father-in-law ...
— The Antiquary, Complete • Sir Walter Scott

... her eyes, and if I did not see stick, stark, staring craziness in them I don't know what stick, ...
— Jaffery • William J. Locke

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