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Cony  n.  (Written also coney)  
A rabbit, esp., the European rabbit (Lepus cuniculus).
The chief hare. Note: The cony of Scripture is thought to be Hyrax Syriacus, called also daman, and cherogril. See Daman.
A simpleton. (Obs.) "It is a most simple animal; whence are derived our usual phrases of cony and cony catcher."
An important edible West Indian fish (Epinephelus apua); the hind of Bermuda.
A local name of the burbot. (Eng.)

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Cony" Quotes from Famous Books

... Coldly aloof, its clouds sail by. The night winds bite. Its rains fall remorselessly. Sheltering rocks there are, to be sure, but their comfort is small to the man smitten with the scourge of the crowded city. In such heights man is of no more value than the wolf or the cony. ...
— Cavanaugh: Forest Ranger - A Romance of the Mountain West • Hamlin Garland

... Haunting Cony-catchers: Wherin is set downe The Art of Humouring. The Art of carrying Stones. Will. St. Lift. Ja. Fost. Law. Ned Bro. Catch, and Black Robins Kindnesse. With the merry Conceits of Doctor Pinch-backe a notable Makeshift. ...
— Catalogue of the Books Presented by Edward Capell to the Library of Trinity College in Cambridge • W. W. Greg

... was described as "citizen and brewer of London"); and the resultant intemperance among "such as frequented the said plays, being the ordinary place of meeting for all vagrant persons, and masterless men that hang about the city, theeves, horse-stealers, whoremongers, cozeners, cony-catching persons, practicers of treason, and such other like,"[25] led to drunkenness, frays, bloodshed, and often to general disorder. Sometimes, as we know, turbulent apprentices and other factions met by appointment at plays for the sole purpose of starting riots ...
— Shakespearean Playhouses - A History of English Theatres from the Beginnings to the Restoration • Joseph Quincy Adams

... lost something of its ferocity—and the Royal Bird is almost serene in her solitary state in the cliff. The gorcock unalarmed crows among the moors and mosses—the blackbird whistles in the birken shaw—and the cony erects his ears at the mouth of his burrow, and whisks away frolicsome among the whins ...
— Recreations of Christopher North, Volume 2 • John Wilson

... thou art sprung from kings; take this woman that is sprung from kings, for I have no further use for her." Anon cometh a white rag thinly from the inner tent—mark her provenance. Son kneeleth down. "Wilt thou have my son, cony?" saith father. "Yea, dear heart," saith she. "'Tis my counterpart, mark you," saith father. "Better than nothing at all," saith she. Benevolent father, supple-kneed son, convenient lady. Here is agreement. And thus it ends.' Again he laughed outright at the steel-blue ...
— The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay • Maurice Hewlett

... regular force, appear on the Kaninchen Berg (Cony Hill, so called from its rabbits), south of the River, evidently taking post there. Roth fires a signal shot; the Southern Suburbs of Neisse, as preappointed, go up in flame; crackle high and far; in a lamentable manner (ERBARMLICH), ...
— History of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Vol. XII. (of XXI.) • Thomas Carlyle

... born at Rolle, in the canton of Berne, Switzerland, in 1721, and at the age of seventeen he entered into the service of the states general of Holland; subsequently engaged under the banner of Sardinia, and distinguished himself at the battle of Cony. In 1748, he was a lieutenant-colonel in the Swiss guards, in the service of Holland. At length, in 1756, he entered the English army, serving in the Royal Americans, and co-operated with Gen. Forbes on the ...
— Chronicles of Border Warfare • Alexander Scott Withers

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