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Columella   Listen
Columella  n.  
An axis to which a carpel of a compound pistil may be attached, as in the case of the geranium; or which is left when a pod opens.
A columnlike axis in the capsules of mosses.
(Anat.) A term applied to various columnlike parts; as, the columella, or epipterygoid bone, in the skull of many lizards; the columella of the ear, the bony or cartilaginous rod connecting the tympanic membrane with the internal ear.
The upright pillar in the axis of most univalve shells.
The central pillar or axis of the calicles of certain corals.

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"Columella" Quotes from Famous Books

... before, the threat of blockading the Tiber had been found to be the most effectual way of coercing the Roman populace; and whenever it took place, famine ensued, not only in Rome, but the Italian provinces. The diminution of its agricultural produce had, long before, been stated by Columella at nine-tenths, and by Varro at three-fourths, of what at one period had been raised. Yet such was the wealth of the Roman nobles, derived from pasturage, that some of them had L.160, 000 a-year.[19] Agriculture, therefore, was destroyed; grain was no ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 341, March, 1844, Vol. 55 • Various

... 2. Alcea Novae Hollandiae foliis angustis utrinque villosis. The leaves, stalk, and underside of the perianthium of this plant are all woolly. The petala are very tender, 5 in number, scarce so large as the calix: in the middle stands a columella thick set with thrummy apiculae, which argue this plant to belong to ...
— A Voyage to New Holland • William Dampier

... from Augustus the honourable surname of the "Patrician Colony." Spain, during this period of the Empire, exercised no small influence upon the literature and politics of Rome. No less than three great Emperors—Trajan, Hadrian, and Theodosius,—were natives of Spain. Columella, the writer on agriculture, was born at Cadiz; Quintilian, the great writer on the education of an orator, was born at Calahorra; the poet Martial was a native of Bilbilis; but Cordova could boast the ...
— Seekers after God • Frederic William Farrar

... clink, jingle, "tintinnabulate." Cooper tells us that "they use to set them (kestrels) in pigeon houses, to make doves to love the place, bicause they feare away other haukes with their ringing voyce." This information is obtained from the Latin agriculturist Columella. This parallel makes it clear that Fr. crecerelle, kestrel, is a metaphorical application of the same word, ...
— The Romance of Words (4th ed.) • Ernest Weekley

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