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Charade  n.  A verbal or acted enigma based upon a word which has two or more significant syllables or parts, each of which, as well as the word itself, is to be guessed from the descriptions or representations.

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"Charade" Quotes from Famous Books

... afterwards Lady Theresa Lewis, who edited Miss Berry's "Memoirs," Lord Lansdowne, and many others. Lady Davy came occasionally, and the Miss Fanshaws, who were highly accomplished, and good artists, besides Miss Catherine Fanshaw wrote clever vers de societe, such as a charade on the letter H, and, if I am not mistaken, "The Butterfly's Ball," &c. I visited these ladies, but their manners were so cold and formal that, though I admired their talents, I never became intimate with them. On the contrary, like everyone else, ...
— Personal Recollections, from Early Life to Old Age, of Mary Somerville • Mary Somerville

... bonnets and dresses and umbrellas, and they spent the evening in trying on the various things,—such odd caps and remarkable bonnets! Solomon John said they ought to have plenty of bandboxes; if you only had bandboxes enough a charade was sure to go off well; he had ...
— The Peterkin Papers • Lucretia P Hale

... — N. secret; dead secret, profound secret; arcanum^, mystery; latency &c 526; Asian mystery^; sealed book, secrets of the prison house; le desous des cartes [Fr.]. enigma, riddle, puzzle, nut to crack, conundrum, charade, rebus, logogriph^; monogram, anagram; Sphinx; crux criticorum [Lat.]. maze, labyrinth, Hyrcynian wood; intricacy, meander. problem &c (question) 461; paradox &c (difficulty) 704; unintelligibility &c 519; terra incognita &c (ignorance) 491. Adj. secret &c (concealed) 528; ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... Town Hall of Calcutta, and who retain a recollection of the brilliance of its re-unions, with all their gay variety of concert, opera, and acted charade, cannot help seeing that Bombay lags very far behind; it is, therefore, unwise to provoke comparisons, and the society here should rather pride itself upon what it will do, than upon what it has done. It is, perhaps, ...
— Notes of an Overland Journey Through France and Egypt to Bombay • Miss Emma Roberts

... with your Lecky; and I will keep a copy at home, and read up with you. And I will bring Lillie in the evening, after the reading is over; and we will have a little music and lively talk, and a dance or charade, you know: then perhaps her mind will wake ...
— Pink and White Tyranny - A Society Novel • Harriet Beecher Stowe

... girls who solved the poetical charade printed on page 639 of the July number, must have noticed that it is an unusually good one, and we are sure that all our readers will admire the charade, after comparing it with its solution, which we publish upon page ...
— St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, Vol. V, August, 1878, No 10. - Scribner's Illustrated • Various

... Reft of your favouring "nods and wreathed smiles," As some tame landscape desolately bare Is charmed by sunshine into seeming fair; So, gentle friends, if you your smiles bestow, That which is tame in us will not seem so. Our play is a charade. We split the word, Each syllable an act, the whole a third; My first we show you by a comic play, Old, but not less the welcome, I dare say. My second will be brought upon the stage From lisping childhood down to palsied age. Last, but not least, our country's joy and pride, A British ...
— Interludes - being Two Essays, a Story, and Some Verses • Horace Smith

... bonnets and dresses and umbrellas, and they spent the evening in trying on the various things,—such odd caps and remarkable bonnets! Solomon John said they ought to have plenty of bandboxes; if you only had bandboxes enough, a charade was sure to go off well; he had seen charades in Boston. Mrs. Peterkin said there were plenty in their attic, and the little boys brought down piles of them, and the back ...
— St. Nicholas, Vol. 5, No. 2, December, 1877 • Various

... say that the spectator must invent for himself the allegory which he may choose to see embodied in this stony trio. It is not enough to be told the words of the charade,—Julian, Night, Morning. One can never spell out the meaning by putting together the group with the aid of such a key. Night is Night, obviously, because she is asleep. For an equally profound reason, Day is ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 1, Issue 2, December, 1857 • Various

... souls and pleasures are in accord. Like a timid bird, just startled by the report of a gun which has ceased, she puts her head out of her nest, looks round her, and sees the world; and knowing the word of a charade which you have played, she feels instinctively the void which exists in your languishing passion. She divines that it is only with a lover that she can regain the delightful exercise of ...
— The Physiology of Marriage, Part I. • Honore de Balzac

... The charade now being played was the best of the evening. One of the madcap friends of Zoe was to be a singing-girl. She was supposed to carry a tambourine. When her turn to enter came, with a look of mischief and a gay dancing step, she ran into the room. In her hands was a guitar, ...
— The Judgment House • Gilbert Parker

... have guessed it myself," said their father, as no one spoke. "It must be 'welcome,' is it not, Rolf? I will touch glasses with you, my boy, and thank you very much for your charade." ...
— Uncle Titus and His Visit to the Country • Johanna Spyri

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