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Bowel  v. t.  (past & past part. boweled or bowelled; pres. part. boweling or bowelling)  To take out the bowels of; to eviscerate; to disembowel.

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"Bowel" Quotes from Famous Books

... still, we must yield our admiration to the novelty of invention, and to the ingenuity of application of these stomach and bowel working wonders. ...
— The American Quarterly Review, No. 17, March 1831 • Various

... at the same time. No further treatment may be necessary, as the vomiting may stop. All food should be withheld for at least twenty-four hours. A high rectal irrigation should now be given. It is essential to know that the bowel is absolutely clean in all vomiting cases. The normal salt solution is the best agent to use for a high enema in infants. ...
— The Eugenic Marriage, Volume IV. (of IV.) - A Personal Guide to the New Science of Better Living and Better Babies • Grant Hague

... I owe thanks beyond all utterance,—that, with all my gastric and bowel distempers, my head hath ever been like the head of a mountain in ...
— Specimens of the Table Talk of S.T.Coleridge • Coleridge

... look at me or talk to me—they said I was a bad girl, but I was pure." Again she said, "They laughed about me, talked about me—and they drew up a play about me—Devil's Island." Or she spoke about having had stomach trouble, bowel trouble, teeth trouble, eye trouble, compound, complicated trouble. (What do you mean?) "Father scolding all the time, he sent me to get bug medicine (true). God gives that medicine to the one that ...
— Benign Stupors - A Study of a New Manic-Depressive Reaction Type • August Hoch

... ailments are colds and complications arising from them, malaria, dysentery, stomach and bowel and similar complaints, toothache ...
— The Mafulu - Mountain People of British New Guinea • Robert W. Williamson

... want of food. In some parts, the fever was preceded by aphthous ulcers on the tongue and gums; young persons were those chiefly attacked, and females more than males. In the County of Roscommon, the previous health of the population was much impaired; bowel complaints were frequent; the fever commenced in the end of 1846 or beginning of 1847, and was very prevalent. The Workhouse of Castlerea was one of the most severely afflicted during the epidemic, of any similar class of ...
— The History of the Great Irish Famine of 1847 (3rd ed.) (1902) - With Notices Of Earlier Irish Famines • John O'Rourke

... intestine and acid in the blood, it was manifest that the active substance must be some material elaborated in the intestinal mucous membrane under the influence of the acid. So they scraped some of the lining of the bowel, rubbed it up with acid, and injected the filtered mixture into the blood. They were rewarded by a flow of pancreatic juice greater in amount than any obtained in their other experiments. From the filtered ...
— The Glands Regulating Personality • Louis Berman, M.D.

... or drastic purgatives are too often and too plentifully administered, a peculiar contraction of the muscular membrane of the intestine takes place, and one portion of the bowel is received within another—there is 'intussusception'. In most cases, a portion of the anterior intestine is received into that which is posterior to it. Few of us have opened a dog that had been labouring under this peculiar affection without being struck with ...
— The Dog - A nineteenth-century dog-lovers' manual, - a combination of the essential and the esoteric. • William Youatt

... It slays those who otherwise would be strong and vigorous, sometimes striking down with palsy men in their prime, or extinguishing the light of reason. It is an important factor in the production of blindness, deafness, throat affections, heart-disease and degeneration of the arteries, stomach and bowel disease, kidney-disease, and affections of the bones. Congenital syphilis often leads to epilepsy or to idiocy, and most of the victims who survive are a charge on the State. This indictment against syphilis is ...
— Venereal Diseases in New Zealand (1922) • Committee Of The Board Of Health

... took a company of sick to the doctor. I staid by till he had passed out the last dose. We had three remedies, one of which would hit any possible case. They were opium pills, castor oil and quinine. The pills cured all bowel troubles; castor oil lubricated and opened up the internal functions, and quinine cured everything else. I remarked to the doctor that I would rather like to experience the sensation of being excused from duty and placed on the sick list for one day. Nothing ...
— Personal Recollections of the War of 1861 • Charles Augustus Fuller

... troublesome annoyances; a properly constructed maternity corset is often quite effective. The diet should receive some special attention when these conditions exist. Any article of diet which favors fermentation (collection of gas) in the stomach or bowel should be excluded. These articles are the sugars, starches, and fats. It can readily be understood that if the bowels should be more or less filled with gas, or if they should be constipated, it will cause, not only great distress, ...
— The Eugenic Marriage, Volume I. (of IV.) - A Personal Guide to the New Science of Better Living and Better Babies • W. Grant Hague, M.D.

... into the light of day," said Bakkus. "What are talents in a napkin? You are a capitalist—I am a man with ideas. May I order another of this mastroquet's bowel-gripping absinthes in order to expound a scheme? Thank you, my dear Lackaday. Oui, encore une. Tell me have you ever been ...
— The Mountebank • William J. Locke

... stomach and bowels. A movement in order to be of the right sort should be so thorough that it leaves one with a feeling of emptiness and cleanliness. In other words, you should feel that the colon has been evacuated thoroughly. Many who have regular bowel movements do not have this satisfying sensation afterwards. When the movement is satisfactory in every way little or no straining is necessary. The colon simply empties itself thoroughly, and the evacuation is then complete. However, few have movements of the bowels that are ...
— Vitality Supreme • Bernarr Macfadden

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