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Bolshevik   Listen
Bolshevik  n.  
A member of the extreme left wing of the Social Democratic Party that seized power in Russia in 1917 after the Russian October Revolution, and advocated rule by the proletariat and state ownership of property. Note: Actually in the minority, this branch seized the opportunity, when the moderate group walked out, to proclaim themselves a majority and form a government. They prevailed in the subsequent civil war.
Same as communist, especially used of Russian communists.
Anyone with communist leanings or sympathies; used very loosely in a derogatory sense by some people with economically conservative views.

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"Bolshevik" Quotes from Famous Books

... of the mind of a group of people, of the French mind, the militarist mind, the bolshevik mind, we are liable to serious confusion unless we agree to separate the instinctive equipment from the stereotypes, the patterns, and the formulae which play so decisive a part in building up the mental world to which the native character is adapted and responds. Failure to make this ...
— Public Opinion • Walter Lippmann

... the beginning of the revolution, bedaubed themselves with red revolutionary paint, were still very inimical to the new regime. An open selection of counter-revolutionary elements was being made in the lines. Bolshevik publications were ruthlessly persecuted. The military advance had long ago changed into a tragic retreat. The bourgeois press madly libelled the army. Whereas, on the eve of the advance, the ruling parties told us that we were an insignificant gang and that the army had never heard of ...
— From October to Brest-Litovsk • Leon Trotzky

... have small effect on the imagination when simply stated as such. Perhaps people will realize what it means when instead of talking of the wounded undergoing operations without anesthetics I record the case of an acquaintance, a Bolshevik, working in a Government office, who suffered last summer from a slight derangement of the stomach due to improper and inadequate feeding. His doctor prescribed a medicine, and nearly a dozen different ...
— The Crisis in Russia - 1920 • Arthur Ransome

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