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Amputate   Listen
Amputate  v. t.  (past & past part. amputated; pres. part. amputating)  
To prune or lop off, as branches or tendrils.
(Surg.) To cut off (a limb or projecting part of the body).

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Amputate" Quotes from Famous Books

... clock ticking, though there was no clock in his room. Afar was the sound of women sobbing—two of them. Above it a strange voice said, distinctly: "There is not one chance in a thousand of saving his hand. If I had nurses, I would amputate ...
— Old Rose and Silver • Myrtle Reed

... to Carol. "Adolph Morgenroth, farmer ten miles southwest of town, got his arm crushed-fixing his cow-shed and a post caved in on him—smashed him up pretty bad—may have to amputate, Dave Dyer says. Afraid we'll have to go right from here. Darn sorry to drag you ...
— Main Street • Sinclair Lewis

... asked you where your mother was bad, external or internal, you replied both, and a great deal more besides. So she is—internally, externally, and infernally bad," said the doctor, laughing. "And so she amputated your father's pigtail, did she, the Delilah? Pity one could not amputate her head, it would make a good woman of her. Good-by, Jack; I must go and look after Tom, he's swallowed a whole yard of stick-liquorice ...
— Poor Jack • Frederick Marryat

... are loosening. But the mother, in the ruthless unbearableness of her pain, wanted something done, anything. An Irishman in the company, who had served six months as a helper in a New York hospital, had told her he could amputate the leg, as he had seen the operation performed. Now she clamored for a ...
— The Emigrant Trail • Geraldine Bonner

... braver than the German we brought with us," replied Maud thoughtfully. "One would almost think he had no sensation, yet he must be suffering terribly. The doctor will amputate the remnants of his foot in an hour or so, but the man positively refuses ...
— Aunt Jane's Nieces in the Red Cross • Edith Van Dyne

... DOCTRESS.—The medical community of Paris is all agog by the arrival of the celebrated American doctor, Miss Blackwell. She has quite bewildered the learned faculty by her diploma, all in due form, authorizing her to dose and bleed and amputate with the best of them. Some of them think Miss Blackwell must be a socialist of the most rabid class, and that her undertaking is the entering wedge to a systematic attack on society by the whole sex. Others, who ...
— History of Woman Suffrage, Volume I • Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Matilda Joslyn Gage

... sure you are quite through now?" asked Gerald, in mock submission. "You don't think it necessary to put the arm in a splint, or to fasten weights to it, or to amputate the first joint of ...
— Only an Incident • Grace Denio Litchfield

... the gladsome hours the season brought Of payment, then the unjust King of Troy 530 Dismiss'd us of our whole reward amerced By violence, and added threats beside. Thee into distant isles, bound hand and foot, To sell he threatened, and to amputate The ears of both; we, therefore, hasted thence 535 Resenting deep our promised hire withheld. Aid'st thou for this the Trojans? Canst thou less Than seek, with us, to exterminate the whole Perfidious race, wives, children, husbands, all? To ...
— The Iliad of Homer - Translated into English Blank Verse • Homer

... at him, Biberli? Why had Frau Christine come not less than three times yesterday afternoon, and again in the evening? She had some secret to discuss with the surgeon Otto. Had any change taken place in his condition? and did the leech intend to amputate his thumb, or even his hand? But, no! only yesterday he had been assured that he could save all five fingers, and his sorely mangled left foot too. The widow was better, and all hope of saving the Minorite's life had been relinquished ...
— Uarda • Georg Ebers

... handy near 'cept me, so I jumped this here arm that you find missin' right into the wheel! It stopped her all right, the load didn't fall on the boys; and they got up all right by the ladder; but—say, mebbe the cogs o' that damn wheel didn't do a thing to my arm. Say—the doctor didn't need to amputate it. That winch did him out o' ...
— The Freebooters of the Wilderness • Agnes C. Laut

... re-commences its efforts. But this is not sufficient, and the victim still resists. The insect returns, and again examines the situation. Now it is a leg which is placed cross-ways and opposes the introduction of the body; strong diseases need strong remedies, and our Chlorion sets itself to amputate this encumbering appendage. It triumphs at last; the cockroach yields to its efforts, and little by little penetrates the hole. As may be seen, the labour is laborious and painful, and may present itself beneath various ...
— The Industries of Animals • Frederic Houssay

... Colonel raves 'round frightful, an' wants to kill Jerry an' amputate him, an' scout for the teeth. But I won't have it. I'm goin' to need Jerry down further on the quicksand fords of the Canadian; an', as I explains, them teeth is a wreck by now, an' no good if he get's 'em ag'in; Jerry ...
— Wolfville • Alfred Henry Lewis

... out from the day of Philip's arrival in London, his hand upon the reins was plainly visible. He had been heard to say that if he believed a member of his own body to be tainted with heresy, he would amputate it immediately and without remorse. The Gospellers were not left quite ignorant of what they might ...
— For the Master's Sake - A Story of the Days of Queen Mary • Emily Sarah Holt

... me what I'm slated for? The high jump? Going to watch me writhing in pain as my infection climbs toward my vitals? Going to amputate? Or are you going to cut it off inch by ...
— Highways in Hiding • George Oliver Smith

... North Carolina. One of the six men was recaptured by a detective on a train in New York. My friend Stakes was overtaken the next morning and brought back so badly frostbitten that it became necessary to amputate parts of ...
— Reminiscences of a Rebel • Wayland Fuller Dunaway

... person who officiated as medical superintendant of the plantation, showed me all the arrangements of the establishment. He gave me an account of his cures and operations, and told me that he often found it necessary to amputate, because the slaves purposely injure their fingers and arms in the Phalangeles (machines) in order to disable themselves. The worthy AEsculapius had never in his life read a regular medical work. He had originally been an overseer of slaves, and had afterwards turned doctor. ...
— Travels in Peru, on the Coast, in the Sierra, Across the Cordilleras and the Andes, into the Primeval Forests • J. J. von Tschudi

... common practice for a raccoon actually to amputate a diseased leg, or one that has been wounded by a gunshot, and wash the stub in cool flowing water. When it is healing, he licks it with his tongue to massage it, and also to stop the pain and reduce the swelling. This wisdom is often classed ...
— The Human Side of Animals • Royal Dixon

... hardly believe that a doctor would amputate a wounded enemy's limb without absolute necessity and in mere revenge, but such cases are, alas, not rare. See the awful tales of torture in the "Journal d'un Grand Blesse en Allemagne," by Charles Hennebois (pp. 137, 146), ...
— Their Crimes • Various

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