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Agitatedly   Listen
Agitatedly  adv.  In an agitated manner.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Agitatedly" Quotes from Famous Books

... home like this," whispered Gertie agitatedly in the passage, after the Major's return ...
— None Other Gods • Robert Hugh Benson

... Agitatedly Thatcher was murmuring that Ryder's finds were valuable, immensely valuable, and it was disturbing to contemplate any invasion, and with equal agitation but more mechanical calm McLean was murmuring back ...
— The Fortieth Door • Mary Hastings Bradley

... told me so, but there was no doubt about the aunts, for, on that afternoon, Miss Florence Hurlbird, Senior, stopped me on my way to Florence's sitting-room and took me, agitatedly, into the parlour. It was a singular interview, in that old-fashioned colonial room, with the spindle-legged furniture, the silhouettes, the miniatures, the portrait of General Braddock, and the smell of lavender. You see, the two poor ...
— The Good Soldier • Ford Madox Ford

... agitatedly around for succour. Oh, what a mistake she had made in bringing Mr. Albany Todd into the midst of these ribald young people. And after all—she had to admit it ruefully, he was a bit of a Plater. Dennis Brown, however, ...
— The Summons • A.E.W. Mason

... his hand. Thistelweight—a youth of some one hundred and forty pounds—struggled agitatedly with his sweater and bounded into the field, and Barnard, white and weak, was helped limping off. For awhile St. Eustace fought shy of right-guard, and then again the weight of all the backs was suddenly ...
— The Half-Back • Ralph Henry Barbour

... the land's sake, what are you dreaming about?" Her mother shook her agitatedly by the arm. ...
— The Ranch at the Wolverine • B. M. Bower

... Taurus aloft some oak agitatedly waving 105 Tosses his arms, or a pine cone-mantled, oozily rinded, When as his huge gnarled trunk in furious eddies a whirlwind Riving wresteth amain; down falleth he, upward hoven, Falleth on earth; far, near, all crackles brittle around ...
— The Poems and Fragments of Catullus • Catullus

... myself on her. It would be no kindness to her or to me." He left her and began to pace back and forth agitatedly, in the pompous, hopping little strut. "You are wrong—you must be wrong. It is impossible. It would be terrible, tragic even though they are both good. And it would be my fault. I brought them together, thinking she would help make things cheerful for ...
— The House of Toys • Henry Russell Miller

... said, agitatedly, to his mother, one night, "You are so strong now, mother, I think I will take a journey; I will not be away long,—not over a week," she understood, and with a deep sigh replied: "I am not strong; but I am as strong as I shall ever be. If the journey must be taken, ...
— Ramona • Helen Hunt Jackson

... to Elspeth, and on her agitatedly declining him, had flung out of the room in a pet. It spoiled all her after-thoughts on the subject, and so roused her brother's indignation with the fellow. If the great baby had only left all the arrangements to Tommy, he could so easily have made ...
— Tommy and Grizel • J.M. Barrie

... a vain endeavour to awaken a little interest in the minds of those who listened, and shrugged, and looked at each other significantly, at the tale of a man who had got lost in Cairo for a night and a morning—a tale told agitatedly by a charming woman who could give no reason for ...
— Desert Love • Joan Conquest

... scuttle. He heard the more resolute voice say: "Help me lift this slab from the parapet." The other replied agitatedly: "Oh, what's the use! Come on! Come on!" The first said: "Do what I tell you! Only one man can stand on the ladder at a time: he'll have all he can do to ...
— The Deaves Affair • Hulbert Footner

... morning she came to the service there was a little flurry among the ushers at the vestibule door. They seated her well in the rear. The second Sunday morning a dreadful thing happened. The woman next to whom they seated her turned, regarded her stonily for a moment, then rose agitatedly and moved to a pew across the aisle. Blanche Devine's face went a dull red beneath her white powder. She never came again—though we saw the minister visit her once or twice. She always accompanied him to the door pleasantly, holding it well open until he was down the little flight of steps ...
— Cheerful—By Request • Edna Ferber

... shotgun. The young man reeled upon his perch. At last he in a measure regained his composure and managed to stammer: "A—all right, sir." He knew that denials would be futile with the terrible Stimson. He agitatedly began to rattle the rings in the basket, and pretend that he was obliged to count them or inspect them in some way. He, too, was unable to face the ...
— Men, Women, and Boats • Stephen Crane

... fingers agitatedly. Suddenly she went to where he stood; she tried to put her arms round his neck, but he resisted fiercely. He held her wrists; he kept his head flung ...
— The Second Honeymoon • Ruby M. Ayres

... shall always love you," she answered, agitatedly, after a pause in which she looked at him with troubled eyes. "I shall always love you, and always dream of the time when we—we thought we might belong to each other, Peter. But—but—you must see that we cannot—cannot think of all that now," she added ...
— Sisters • Kathleen Norris

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