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Acidly  adv.  Sourly; tartly.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Acidly" Quotes from Famous Books

... was nervous, preoccupied, as he spoke. His mother's face showed very plainly her resentment at being obliged to meet the man upon whose steady staring at me she had so acidly ...
— Revelations of a Wife - The Story of a Honeymoon • Adele Garrison

... number of the Wrykinian, some short, others long, some from members of the school, others from Old Boys, all protesting against the condition of the first, second, and third fifteen dressing-rooms. "Indignant" would inquire acidly, in half a page of small type, if the editor happened to be aware that there was no hair-brush in the second room, and only half a comb. "Disgusted O. W." would remark that when he came down with the Wandering ...
— The Gold Bat • P. G. Wodehouse

... in Junior E Gray," McGinnis said acidly. "And every E in the system will back me. It makes no difference what you have decided. Either the science of E means something, or it doesn't. Either we have complete freedom to handle a problem, or we don't. Let me remind you, gentlemen, this isn't the first time ...
— Eight Keys to Eden • Mark Irvin Clifton

... mention his name while I'm eating," Mrs. Klein said acidly. "And I'm not forgetting why he hated the printed word. But that's looking a gift horse ...
— The Mighty Dead • William Campbell Gault

... cry, Themar wheeled, his small, shifting eyes black with hate. They wavered and fell beneath the level, icy stare of the American. Philip's fingers slipped viselike along the other's wrists and Philip's voice grew more acidly polite. ...
— Diane of the Green Van • Leona Dalrymple

... was," observed Miss Slade, rather more than a little acidly, "who came interfering in my business, but whoever he ...
— The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation • J. S. Fletcher

... slip you've made, isn't it?" Patty answered, acidly. "Possibly if you'd left your jug at home you ...
— The Gold Girl • James B. Hendryx

... he passed her things, and stared, until everybody laughed again, and Eva said acidly, ...
— One Basket • Edna Ferber

... before Reginald Mallett's wife had learnt forbearance, she had noticed her father's face twitch as though in pain. Glad of a diversion, she had asked him with eager sympathy, 'Is it toothache?' and he had answered acidly, 'No, child, only the mutilation of our language.' She remembered the words, and later she understood their meaning and the flushing of her mother's face, the compression of her lips, and she ...

... I have to find with your system," said Levison, rather acidly, "is that there would be only one ...
— Aaron's Rod • D. H. Lawrence

... gone!" she said acidly. "Now we can get down t' cases again. Say!" She addressed Mrs. Pett, who started nervously. The experience of passing through the shadow of the valley of death and of finding herself in one piece instead of several thousand had robbed her of all her wonted masterfulness. ...
— Piccadilly Jim • Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

... lived with Mr. Justice Springer," she began acidly, her mending-basket in her hands, "it was an orderly, well-conducted household. You can ask any of the neighbors. Meals were cooked and, what's more, they were eaten; there was none of this 'here one day ...
— The Man in Lower Ten • Mary Roberts Rinehart

... so acidly etched into Miss Slayback's brain that she had only to close her eyes in the slit-like sanctity of her room and in the brief moment of courting sleep feel the pink penumbra of her vision begin ...
— Gaslight Sonatas • Fannie Hurst

... in somewhat oppressive black, with a big cameo brooch at her throat and a black satin bag in her hand, was being shown by the steward to a seat by Quest's side. She acknowledged the Captain's greeting acidly. ...
— The Black Box • E. Phillips Oppenheim

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