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Achaian, Achaean  adj.  Of or pertaining to Achaia in Greece; also, Grecian.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Achaian" Quotes from Famous Books

... father's fortunes; Fame may prove, Or omen'd voice (the messenger of Jove), Propitious to the search. Direct your toil Through the wide ocean first to sandy Pyle; Of Nestor, hoary sage, his doom demand: Thence speed your voyage to the Spartan strand; For young Atrides to the Achaian coast Arrived the last of all the victor host. If yet Ulysses views the light, forbear, Till the fleet hours restore the circling year. But if his soul hath wing'd the destined flight, Inhabitant of deep disastrous night; Homeward with pious speed repass the main, To the ...
— The Odyssey of Homer • Homer, translated by Alexander Pope

... sound had died upon the hill When round the isle they spied a scarlet prow, And oars that flash'd into that haven still, The oarsmen bending forward with a will, And swift their black ship to the haven-side They brought, and steer'd her in with goodly skill, And bare on board the strange Achaean bride. ...
— Helen of Troy • Andrew Lang

... They are only concepts, exceedingly confused cloudy and changing concepts, in the minds of thousands of diverse worshippers and non-worshippers. They change every time they are thought of, as a word changes every time it is pronounced. Even in the height of the Achaean wars the concept of any one god would be mixed up with traditions and associations drawn from the surrounding populations and their gods; and by the time they come down to us in Homer and our other early literature, they have passed through ...
— Five Stages of Greek Religion • Gilbert Murray

... miles along the southern coast of the Corinthian Gulf, was Acha'ia, mountainous in the interior; but its coast region for the most part was level, exposed to inundations, and without a single harbor of any size. Hence the Achae'ans were never famous for maritime enterprise. Of the eleven Achaean cities that formed the celebrated Achaean league, Pal'trae (now Patras') alone survives. Si'cy-on, on the eastern border of Achaia, was at times ...
— Mosaics of Grecian History • Marcius Willson and Robert Pierpont Willson

... Proxenus a Boeotian, who was also his guest-friend, to join him with as many men as he could procure, stating that he intended to make war on the Pisidians, as they molested his territories. He also desired Sophaenetus of Stymphalus,[14] and Socrates, an Achaean, both of them his guest-friends, to come to him, and bring as many men as possible, pretending that he was going to war with Tissaphernes on behalf of the Milesian exiles; and ...
— The First Four Books of Xenophon's Anabasis • Xenophon

... non tempore magis congruente quam not so much in coincidence of (congruente, lit. agreeing with) date as. —R. 18. Philopoemen, the heroic chief of the Achaean League, was taken prisoner by Dinocrates, imprisoned in a dungeon at Messene (in carcere, l. 19), and compelled to drink poison. 20-23. Scipio was accused, at the instigation of Cato, by the tribune Naevius (185 B.C.) of having been bribed by Antiochus to procure for him ...
— Helps to Latin Translation at Sight • Edmund Luce

... another friend, get together as many men as possible, and join him in an expedition which he meditated against the Pisidians (4), who were causing annoyance to his territory. Similarly two other friends, Sophaenetus the Stymphalian (5), and Socrates the Achaean, had orders to get together as many men as possible and come to him, since he was on the point of opening a campaign, along with Milesian exiles, against Tissaphernes. These orders were duly carried out by the officers ...
— Anabasis • Xenophon

... Zeus' daughter with fell might Torments me sore. I may not look on high, Nor to the tribe of momentary men.— Oh, whither, then, Should it avail to fly? Ah! whither should I go and stay? All here is ruin. This mad prey Shames me for evermore: Vengeance is at the door; Yea, all the Achaean host, with armed hand, Is ready at command To ...
— The Seven Plays in English Verse • Sophocles

... one Eropus had gained possession of Lychnidus by bribing the praefect of the citadel and garrison; that he held also certain towns of the Dassaretians, and that he was endeavouring to incite the Dardanians to arms. Desisting from the Achaean war, therefore, but still leaving two thousand five hundred armed troops of every description under the generals Menippus and Polyphantas for the protection of his allies, he set out from Dymae, and passing through Achaea, ...
— History of Rome, Vol III • Titus Livius

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